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Journal #3 wk 4

September 15, 2006

My major is going to be in business management.  I really don’t know what category this falls under so i couldn’t tell you.  Questions asked in this field are usually about money.  How can we increase profits?  What are good money saving techniques? etc.

Ever since high school i’ve wanted to run my own company or at least be at the top of a company.  It’s always interested me to be your own boss and make the rules.  thats what attracted me to this major in the first place.  Not to mention if you make it in business you usually make it big.

Profits are the main reason for business.  You can ask any person in the business industry and they’ll tell you it’s about profit, profit and then maybe a little more profit.  there is a few ways to make a profit, but the best I’ve come up with is make a superior product at the lowest possible cost.  once words out that you have a nice inexpensive product then you just wait for the cash to roll in.

There are many money saving techniques, the problem is saving money without hurting the product quality.  The best way to save in my book is watch your little spending habbits and cut back on uneccesary spendings.


journal #2

September 7, 2006

laying in bed pondering the events of the day, i often find myself contemplating the rising cost of living and how i’m gonna live comfortable in the future. Every day it seems like prices go up and my wages stay steady why is this? what is the government doing and what can i do? why is there inflation are we steadily running out of all resources?

when is was little it seemed like with my dollar would buy me oodles of candy. Now my dollar gets me a snickers that bearly satisfies my sugar needs. It seems like with all this rising cost wages sure find a way to remain steady. the minimum wage has gone up like fifty cents in my life time. On the other side gas gas has gone up almost two dollars in the last couple of years.

With all this new technology everyday you would think they could keep a loaf of bread at a dollar. I often just wonder how i’m gonna pay my bills and i just pay for my car and school. I don’t know how i’m gonna pay for a house and a family when the time comes if i can bearly make it on my own. Not to mention costs we’ll be up in another two or three years when i’m ready for those things. This is a problem i think all people are concerned with. Unless your gonna live off of mommy and daddy your whole life, but they still get troubled by this.

Is inflation due to decreasing resourses or a greedy government? If our resources are running out shouldn’t we be conserving more. If the government just wants more money how can we as a people be letting this happen. Are we as a people so ignorant that we expect the government will do whats best for us and follow blindly. Or should we get educated so that we’re not getting walked all over.

Hello world!

September 3, 2006

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