Journal #3 wk 4

My major is going to be in business management.  I really don’t know what category this falls under so i couldn’t tell you.  Questions asked in this field are usually about money.  How can we increase profits?  What are good money saving techniques? etc.

Ever since high school i’ve wanted to run my own company or at least be at the top of a company.  It’s always interested me to be your own boss and make the rules.  thats what attracted me to this major in the first place.  Not to mention if you make it in business you usually make it big.

Profits are the main reason for business.  You can ask any person in the business industry and they’ll tell you it’s about profit, profit and then maybe a little more profit.  there is a few ways to make a profit, but the best I’ve come up with is make a superior product at the lowest possible cost.  once words out that you have a nice inexpensive product then you just wait for the cash to roll in.

There are many money saving techniques, the problem is saving money without hurting the product quality.  The best way to save in my book is watch your little spending habbits and cut back on uneccesary spendings.


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  1. hansonharrison6840 Says:

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